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JULY 26, 2013

No chemotherapy for F1 legend Murray Walker

Legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker has revealed he will no longer have to undergo chemotherapy for lymphatic cancer.

The much-loved 'voice of formula one', who hung up his microphone more than a decade ago, revealed last month he would have to undergo the treatment after doctors detected the cancer when he broke his pelvis.

But the 89-year-old has now told the Daily Mail: "I went to have my pre-chemotherapy blood check this week and was understandably delighted when they said 'Your blood condition has improved so much that it is now nearly normal and you do not need the chemotherapy -- well not now, anyway'."

Walker said he will still be checked regularly by doctors.

"If it (the condition) deteriorates I will have to have the chemo, but if it doesn't I won't. So although I am not completely out of the woods, I can certainly see the sunlit meadows ahead!" he added.