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JULY 16, 2013

Honda denies plans for 2014 Honda test car

Honda has categorically denied reports it will build a test car in order to get track running of McLaren's 2015 engine off to an early start.

We reported last month that work on a Honda test car could start this year, long before the Japanese marque is bound by F1's regulations governing its 2015 foray.

"This (report) is untrue," McLaren spokesman told us at the time.

Honda has now issued the same denial.

"We will not build such a vehicle," Speed Week correspondent Rob La Salle quoted Honda chief Yasuhisa Arai as saying.

"The first track testing will happen during the winter testing ahead of the 2015 season," he announced.

Arai said Honda's test benches in Tochigi, Japan, are so good that building a bespoke test car is not necessary.

"I've heard the rumours," he admitted, "but we have no such plans."