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JULY 2, 2013

Red Bull could have cost Rosberg Silverstone win

It was Red Bull who alerted the FIA to a rules breach that could have cost Nico Rosberg victory at Silverstone last Sunday.

We have reported that, in the wake of the bitter 'test-gate' scandal, the tension between world champions Red Bull and Mercedes remains palpable.

So just after Rosberg's champagne-soaked celebrations on Sunday, it emerged that the German driver and his team were summoned by the stewards to explain his alleged failure to slow for yellow flags.

The officials decided simply to reprimand Rosberg.

Germany's Bild newspaper reports on Tuesday that it was Red Bull who alerted the FIA to Rosberg's breach, which if punished with a time penalty could have cost him the win.

Dr Helmut Marko defended Red Bull's actions.

"We did not attack Mercedes, but only pointed out that Rosberg was too fast under a yellow flag.

"If it had been us (committing the breach), the other teams would also immediately tell the FIA. It's a totally normal thing," the Austrian insisted.