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JUNE 6, 2013

McLaren not ending slump quickly

McLaren is only inching back to the front of the field in 2013, sporting director Sam Michael has admitted.

He said the still-uncompetitive MP4-28 showed signs of improvement at Monaco, and will have some more minor improvements on board this weekend in Canada.

"We're developing the car, the car is getting better," Michael said during a Vodafone media phone-in, "though not as fast as we would hope.

"We're not returning to form as quickly as we'd like, but we are moving in the right direction," the Australian added.

"The last few small steps we've put on the car have worked and as long as we keep doing that then we'll gradually keep moving towards the front," said Michael.

According to PA Sport news agency, McLaren's lead driver Jenson Button agreed: "We're still not great, but we're getting there."