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JUNE 3, 2013

Susie Wolff says Vettel shows strength is no barrier for women in F1

Susie Wolff has cited Sebastian Vettel as an example of how women could compete head-to-head in formula one against men.

Wolff, Williams' test driver who has applied for the mandatory super licence enabling her to contest grands prix, is pushing hard to become the first woman in two decades to attempt to race in F1.

Critics, however, often cite women's inferior physical strength as an obstacle, even though Wolff has conducted F1 aerodynamic tests, and raced in the DTM touring car series and junior single seater categories.

And Wolff, 30, told the Observer newspaper: "Look at the size of Sebastian Vettel. Do you see a big, muscular guy?

"I know women have 30pc less muscle than men. And in DTM I had to train harder.

"But I was karting from such a young age that, year on year, my body was getting stronger in the right places."