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APRIL 14, 2013

Ecclestone tips Ferrari to win title

Bernie Ecclestone has tipped Ferrari to win the 2013 title.

"I think they are much better this year," the F1 chief executive told Italy's Sky broadcaster.

He is referring to the great Italian team's struggle for pace last year despite Fernando Alonso's strong championship challenge, and the much better single seater for 2013.

Felipe Massa and Alonso are, however, just fifth and sixth in the drivers' standings so far, but Ecclestone insisted: "I'd be surprised if they didn't win the title."

More broadly, amid criticism of Pirelli's highly degrading tyres, the 82-year-old Briton insisted he is happy with the 'show' at present.

"I think the last three years, regarding the races, have been very positive.

"The same with the beginning of this year," he added.

Finally, Ecclestone chimed into the 'Multi-21' debate, insisting team orders are not good for F1.

"Maybe they are having problems with the tyres, but they will have to deal with them -- no one should be giving orders," he said.

"No team has to tell the drivers what to do -- they should be giving them information, then it's up to the driver to decide what to do."

Red Bull and Mercedes have said they will limit the use of team orders from now on, and Ecclestone commented: "I hope so. They should be racing."