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MARCH 24, 2013

Domenicali thinks the time has arrived for Ferrari title

The time has arrived for Ferrari to deliver its first title since 2007.

That is the forthright assessment of team boss Stefano Domenicali, who since taking over from Jean Todt has come close but failed to deliver the coveted title to the fabled Italian team.

Asked how important it is for success to finally come in 2013, he told Germany's Die Welt newspaper: "Very important.

"Now is definitely the time for us to win instead of losing it in the very last race.

"If you are Ferrari, you are obliged to win, and myself and everyone in the team is committed to the great name and tradition.

"We feel this pressure as normal and accept the high expectations, which is both a great responsibility and a great honour.

"I believe there is no other formula one team in the same situation."

Meanwhile, Italian Domenicali said he acknowledges the great step forward made by Mercedes in 2013.

And he does not believe Lewis Hamilton's claim that he has ruled out the 2013 title chase.

"If Lewis Hamilton says it is over for 2013, I have to conclude that his car is very good," said Domenicali.

"Otherwise, why would he say something unnecessary like this?"