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MARCH 20, 2013

Drivers ask for clarification on speeding fines

For the 2013, as the FIA continues to look for ways increase their revenues, they considerably raised the fees F1 drivers have to pay for their superlicense to compete in the sport,

In order for the FIA to get the drivers to go along with the deal, the drivers were told that they would not be fined for rules infringements - such as pitlane speeding fines.

However during the Australian GP event Felipe Massa, Adrian Sutil, Vallteri Bottas and Nico Hulkenberg were all fined for speeding.

The matter was brought up during the regular Grand Prix Drivers Association meeting in Melbourne, and now the GPDA is looking for the FIA to clarify the situation.

It is thought that the FIA's understanding of the deal they did with the drivers only covers infractions that include fines at the discretionary penalties - wheres penalties such as speeding are in the Sporting Regulations, and are therefore mandatory.