Lady Virginia Williams dies

Lady Virginia 'Ginny' Williams, wife of Frank Williams, has died at the age of 66.

In the story of the many earlier attempts made by Frank Williams to run Formula One teams, Ginny Williams will be remembered for always being a bedrock at Frank's side.

Frank and Virginia were married in 1974, and along with Norah Tyrrell, Ginny Williams stands out as one of the few founders wives to be so integrally involved with the creation of a Formula 1 team - through the lean years of the 70's, and most notably she helped hold the team together and flourish successfully during 1986 and 1987 in the aftermath of Frank Williams' accident which left him paralyzed and unable to run the team during his recovery.

In 1991, Ginny Williams wrote a book, 'A Different Kind of Life' which chronicled her relationship with Frank, and the effects that the accident had on their lives

Williams had been battling cancer for the past two and a half years and died peacefully last night surrounded by her family. She is survived by three children, Claire, Jonathan and Jaime. She will be greatly missed by the Formula One fraternity. offers our sincere condolences to Sir Frank and his family.

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