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MARCH 7, 2013

Red Bull slowest on the straight in testing

Red Bull's new car is the slowest of all in a straight line, according to an analysis by respected German magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Based on the all-important final two days of Barcelona running last weekend, correspondent Michael Schmidt found that the RB9 (307.7kph) was 12.8kph slower on the long front straight than the quickest, the Marussia.

Behind the Cosworth-powered Marussia, Ferrari-powered Ferrari and Sauber are next best with 316.7kph, equalled by the Mercedes-powered Force India.

McLaren is next, followed by the fastest Renault-powered 2013 single seater, the Lotus, clocking in at 314.9kph.

Even Toro Rosso (Ferrari) and Williams (Renault) were 5kph faster than the Red Bull.

But Schmidt said: "As Red Bull has shown, races are not won on the straight."