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JANUARY 18, 2013

Roberts replaces Hartstein as F1 doctor

The FIA has appointed Dr. Ian Roberts as the new F1 medical doctor. The move comes after Dr. Gary Hartstein was unceremoniously dropped by the FIA at the end of last season.

The popular American doctor was recruited by the late Prof. Sid Watkins in the late 90's to assist him, and Hartstein acted as Formula One's medical delegate since Watkins retirement in 2005. At the end of the 2012 season Hartstein's contract was not renewed.

The new medical delegate is Dr. Ian Roberts, who was previously the chief medical officer for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

According to the FIA, Roberts will oversee local medical responses on the track, while he will report to the FIA's permanent medical delegate Professor Jean-Charles Piette in race control.

Hartstein posted to his Twitter feed, "Congrats to Ian. Would certainly have been on my short list. Really good doc, skilled leader, great guy. Lots of luck, and have a great time."

"Fitting on the eve of Sid's memorial that someone representing the best of British motorsports medicine be named."