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DECEMBER 4, 2012

Silverstone guards against 2012 repeat

Silverstone, home to the British GP, is to take a number of steps to improve conditions for spectators in the event of more weather related issues such as those that caused chaos on the opening day of this year's event.

A combination of increased Friday attendance due to three-day ticket sales, 40mm rainfall in two days and the attendant closure of waterlogged privately-owned campsites caused unprecedented congestion on the Friday of this year's British GP.

The circuit management had to take the step of appealing to Saturday ticket holders not to attend, in order to ensure that car parks could host race day crowds on Sunday. The move involved reimbursing 10,000 ticket holders who stayed away, at a cost of $1.6m to Silverstone.

Part of the problem was that Friday attendance figures have grown from around 18,000 in 2001 to 80,000 due to the popularity of the three-day ticket. Many of those intending to camp found themselves turned away from waterlogged camp sites and were forced to rejoin queuing traffic, with nowhere to go.

For 2013, Silverstone is carrying out work to improve drainage and water displacement systems. It is also expanding its Park and Ride operation to run on all three days of the event and reviewing new locations for the service, as well as introducing a communications network with campsite operators to improve the flow of information about capacities, availability and access.

The track is also improving shuttle services on all three days from local major railway stations at Milton Keynes, Northampton and Banbury.

Megabus will also operate coach travel services on all three days from major UK towns and cities, including London, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Cambridge, Portsmouth and Cardiff.