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OCTOBER 4, 2012

Alonso backs Hamilton's move

Fernando Alonso, McLaren team mate of Lewis Hamilton during an acrimonious 2007 season, says he is not surprised that Lewis has elected to leave the team and join Mercedes.

"I think it's normal," Alonso said in Suzuka. "It's a step in your career. I think for Lewis it is a good thing to move on and for McLaren... Prost went out, Senna, then it was me, now it's Lewis. And normally for a better life, for a good change."

Alonso's time at McLaren coincided with the notorious 'Spygate' season and the goings on were such that fact seemed stranger than fiction.

"McLaren has been 14 years without winning the constructors' championship," Alonso went on, "some of those years with the best car. I'm sure Lewis wants to win as well...

"He is considered one of the best drivers and I think next year he will enjoy it more. He will be vey be very competitive and I think from next year he will be a contender for the championship."