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Alonso says Vettel incident was different

By Tony Dodgins (@TonyDodgins)

Fernando Alonso thinks that the drive through penalty incurred by Sebastian Vettel during their battle in the Italian GP was justified and that the incident differed from that in last year's race, when it was Vettel who was forced onto the grass by Alonso's staunch defence of position. By Tony Dodgins (@TonyDodgins)

Both incidents happened on the outside of Curva Grande, between Monza's first and second chicane. Last year, no action was taken against Alonso, the Ferrari driver claiming that he had left enough room, despite Vettel's Red Bull putting two wheels on the grass.

The incident clearly rankled Vettel, who has taken the opportunity to remind Alonso about it more than once, even with a smile on his face. With the boot on the other foot on lap 26 this time, however, there was little humour in the move that saw Alonso's Ferrari with all four wheels on the grass at 200mph.

"I think there's not much to say," Alonso shrugged. "My race was compromised. I lost 10 laps behind him and whatever seconds there were because of the incident. And for sure the car was damaged because jumping over the grass at 330kph, I don't think the floor and everything will be completely fine.

"Last year there was not a penalty and this year there was. I think there was a big difference for the people that understand."

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, however, said that Vettel's penalty was "harsh."