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JUNE 13, 2012

Vettel activates Letterman's bleeper

Sebastian Vettel had to be 'bleeped out' a couple of times while explaining the finer nuances of F1 to an American audience on David Letterman's Late Show...

The double world champion was on good form with the race team owning US TV host, but wasn't sure they were going down the right path when asked to explain the finer points of DRS activation.

"I don't think anyone's going to have any f**king idea what I'm talking about," Vettel smiled, before clasping his hand over his mouth.

A few minutes later, talking about the planned New Jersey circuit which he drove in a promotional event on Monday, Vettel remarked that you are going to need 'big balls.'

"Don't do it again!" Letterman joked, before adding "It's a good job Oprah doesn't have a show..."

Vettel also explained that customs formalities always seem to be a bit stricter upon arrival in North America. Asked what he was doing there, Sebastian replied that he had come for the race. The official followed up with: "Do you have a good seat?"

If he'd been thinking quickly, he might have said: "Not as good as last year's!"

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