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FEBRUARY 28, 2012

New Marussia fails crash test

The new Marussia MR01 has failed its final crash test and will not now be given its track debut at the final pre-season F1 test starting in Barcelona this Thursday.

"All cars are required to pass 18 FIA-observed tests for homologation to be granted," said a Marussia statement. "Despite the fact that the MR01 has passed all 17 of the preceding tests, the regulations require the car to have completed all of the tests before running commences.

"The team will now focus its efforts on repeating the crash test at the end of the week."

The FIA has also scuppered the plans of Ferrari and Red Bull to test Friday-Monday in Barcelona rather then Thursday-Sunday. The governing body has ruled that to run on Monday would be in contravention of a rule specifying that teams may not test in the week prior to the opening race.