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OCTOBER 18, 2011

One-move rule to become part of F1 regulations

A concrete definition of Formula 1's so-called 'one move rule' laid down by the FIA's Sporting Working Group is to be written into the 2012 Sporting Regulations.

There has been controversy over whether, having moved to defend position, drivers are permitted to revert back to the ideal racing line approaching the following corner, or whether that constitutes a second move.

The advent of the DRS (Drag Reduction Zone) and the greater speed differentials that the initiative has prompted, have increased the drivers' wishes for clarity.

In Korea, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg said: "From my point of view there have been several incidents in the last few races where drivers haven't had penalties and they should have had. I think it would be a very good thing to clarify that again, even more precisely, because it is a dangerous area.

"If drivers are not leaving space for the guy outside, it could be a very dangerous incident. I think it is important and that should solve things, so it should be better for next year."

Team mate Michael Schumacher, who prompted renewed discussion after his spirited defence against Lewis Hamilton at Monza, does not believe any clarification is necessary, however.

"I think it's clear what you can and cannot do," Schumacher said in Korea. "It's just a point of view that the stewards may take, and we don't always have the same stewards. It's not always exactly the same incident or situation, so there is always room for interpretation. I don't think it's always possible to see things absolutely black and white."