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OCTOBER 9, 2011

Massa wants Hamilton penalised

Felipe Massa thinks it is time the FIA jumped on Lewis Hamilton after having his second successive race compromised by contact with the McLaren driver.

The pair collided at the chicane on lap 21 as they battled for fourth place in the Japanese GP, with Massa's Ferrari sustaining damage.

"My front wing was missing a big piece and the Safety Car was due to that, in my opinion," Massa said. "The floor was completely damaged on the side. For sure I lost a lot of performance because of that."

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said after the race that his driver had not seen the Ferrari as they approached the chicane.

Massa countered: "I don't care what he (Lewis) said. The only thing I care about is what he did. He was so slow at 130R and stayed on the right-hand side. I was much quicker, so I went to the left-hand side, braked and stayed on my line. He moved his car and touched my car.

"I don't care what he says, I care about what the FIA sees and does. I'm sure they've penalised people for much less this year. This time they didn't do it.

"It was the second race in a row, and after the problem in qualifying in Singapore, and after what happened again yesterday and many times this year. For sure the FIA needs to take care of that. They are the only ones who can."

Massa added that he did not intend speaking to Hamilton himself.

"He doesn't learn. I race against him and whatever driver in the same way. The time to speak has already passed. I tried and he didn't..."