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SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

Vettel denies going to Monza stewards

Sebastian Vettel has denied asking Monza race stewards to look into the incident with Fernando Alonso when the German took the lead from the Spaniard early in the Italian GP.

Post-race TV pictures showed Vettel questioning Alonso about the incident before the podium ceremony at Monza, and while the exchange was good-natured enough, Vettel made it clear enough that Alonso had got his attention when he moved the Red Bull onto the grass out of Curva Grande at close to 200mph.

"I think he didn't expect me to go on the left," Vettel said, "so initially didn't see me, but as soon as he saw me he pulled to the right and gave me some room. Not much though. It was borderline but I knew I had to try something.

"I think I was actually more critical when he moved under braking on the previous lap at the chicane. We talked about it and he was fine.

"If you're racing someone like Fernando, with experience, you can push the limits and go to wheel-to-wheel because you know he will give you a little bit of room. Not a lot, but some...."