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AUGUST 8, 2011

Pirelli unlikely to use hard tyres for reminder of 2011

Pirelli's motorsport director has said that it is unlikely that the hardest compound tyre will be seen again this year.

Paul Hembery stated that they want to cut the gap to the medium compound tyre, and will likely introduce a new compound next season to replace the hard tyre. Many think the move will see an upsurge in Ferrari's performance - as the Italian team has struggled at times earlier in the season with the harder tyres and cool conditions.

Paul Hembery said, "I don't think we'll see the hard compound again. I think it's probably too hard and that the medium is proving sufficiently robust for the aggressive circuits we've still got to come. So don't think we'll be going the hard route."

"Probably next season the medium will become the hard. We'll probably slot something in between the current softs and mediums. We want to keep about one second between each. The super soft and soft gap is about right to be honest, because you've got a 1 second speed advantage but you've got a clear degradation and limitation on use. If we could replicate that now with a new medium and a new hard then I think we'll be well placed."