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JUNE 23, 2011

Perez will decide on fitness after Valencia's first practice

Sergio Perez will drive in the first session of free practice in Valencia before deciding on his fitness to drive in the European GP.

Perez suffered concussion in his qualifying accident at Monaco but attempted to return at the Canadian GP a fortnight ago before having to cede his seat to Pedro de la Rosa after feeling dizziness.

"The doctors always thought we were a bit too optimistic to go back after the accident because it was a very big one," said Perez. "I think you need quite a bit of time to recover because it was a bang to the head. After the first session in Canada, although my time was quite competitive, I was not feeling 100%, not feeling good at all.

"It's up to me, as it was in Montreal. The doctors told me if I was not feeling right to come and speak to them. There won't be any more checks, they trust me, and if I feel fine I will drive. If I still feel dizzy, I won't."

Some in the F1 paddock expressed surprise that Perez took a long haul flight back to Mexico relatively shortly after his Monaco accident but F1 doctor Gary Harstein denied that sitting in a pressurized aircraft cabin was an issue. He was also impressed by the maturity Perez showed in taking the decision that he did in Canada.

If Perez decides against driving in Valencia, De la Rosa will stand in once again.