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JUNE 9, 2011

Hamilton escapes Monaco sanction

Lewis Hamilton has escaped further sanction over his frustration-led post-Monaco outbursts. Hamilton has had an exchange of letters with FIA president Jean Todt and has also apologised to both Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado, the drivers he received drive through penalties for colliding with at Monte Carlo.

Todt, who thus far in his FIA presidency has tried to limit controversy following on-track incident, said: "I could have asked the judicial court to address the problem, but we never officially opened the case and he went with his father to the stewards to apologise. He then wrote to me and it was between him and the FIA. Maybe it would have been a better decision to send him to the judicial court and ban him for six grands prix or something. But, for me, this thing is over."

Hamilton himself added: "I just had time to reflect on the weekend and I wrote a sincere apology to Jean and the FIA and got a great letter back, so was able to put it behind me. I'm grateful to be here (in Montreal) and I want what's best for the sport.

"I have known Felipe really well since F3, and so I have a good relationship with him. I gave him a call and he had calmed down and was able to understand the position. I've known Pastor and his family a long time too. He'd done a great job and I wasn't wanting to put anyone out of the GP in Monaco. I think the drivers understand that in the heat of the moment you can say things. I felt it was important to make that clear to them."

Hamilton can now look forward unimpeded to a Montreal race at which he has a superb record, winning his first GP in Canada in 2007.