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JUNE 9, 2011

Ecclestone thinks Bahrain GP will not happen

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has said that despite the FIA World Motor Sport Council's vote last Friday to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix in October, the race is unlikely to take place this year.

Ecclestone told BBC Sport, "Hopefully we can return in the future, but of course it's not on. The schedule cannot be rescheduled without the agreement of the participants - they're the facts."

The vote to reinstate the race was made by the FIA council without any objections, but on Tuesday the teams, through FOTA, wrote to the FIA expressing their objection to the decision on the grounds of logistics.

Article 66 of the International Sporting Code says that no amendments to the calendar can be made during the season without the agreement of all the competitors. So without the agreement of the teams it in now thought that, by the FIA's own rules, the reinstatement cannot take place.