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MAY 27, 2011

Morelli rules out Friday sessions for Kubica

Daniele Morelli, manager of Robert Kubica, has rubbished stories that the injured Polish driver could take part in Friday practice sessions this year to test his recovery from the injuries he sustained in a pre-season rally.

Gerard Lopez, boss of Renault owners Genii Capital, has been quoted in the media saying that Kubica could be seen later this season in Friday sessions. In Monaco, however, Morelli said: "When Robert comes back it will be to compete for podiums, not to drive in Friday sessions. I don't know where that came from. It is not in our plans at all."

Kubica is currently continuing his recovery at home and it is still too early to predict when he might have sufficient range of movement in his damaged right arm and hand, to facilitate a return to the cockpit.

It is thought that the Friday practice suggestions have arisen from the fact that there is currently no in-season testing allowed in Formula 1. Morelli, however, said that Friday practice sessions would be the wrong environment to assess Kubica's capabilities.

"What is the need to do that?" Morelli said. "He could test a GP2 car when he's ready."