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MAY 20, 2011

Analysis: FIA set to increase DRS useage

After the successful introduction of the rear wing DRS (drag reduction systems) in F1, the FIA will allow its use twice for the first time at next month's Canadian GP.

FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting said that the governing body had the software available to facilitate double useage in Turkey but thought that it was too new and wants to ensure there are no bugs before applying it.

Whiting explained that, ideally, you want two more or less consecutive straights, otherwise there is too great a chance of the conditions between drivers changing, and that Barcelona this weekend does not really lend itself to a double DRS zone.

In Monaco, meanwhile, the decision has been taken that despite opposition from the majority of the drivers, DRS will be used on the front straight. Said Whiting: "It was never our plan not to used it but we were aware of drivers' concerns. The majority preferred not to use it but there is no evidence to suggest that it is not safe in Monaco. As it was introduced as an overtaking aid, it would be somewhat perverse not to allow it in the place where you need overtaking the most!"

There have been suggestions from drivers that DRS use in practice and qualifying should mirror its use in the races, ie in just one place thus far, but Whiting said: "Some engineers say they wouldn't use it in the race if it was allowed in qualifying only on the straight - there's differences of opinion. They might prefer to use a lower top gear to get a better grid position and sacrifice its use in the race. We are pursuing the idea of allowing its use in more than one place in the race and then we could go closer to allowing it only in those places in practice and qualifying."

In Montreal, therefore, DRS will be available on the last straight and the pit straight, with one detection zone, after Turn 10. In Valencia as well, the plan is to use DRS twice, between Turns 10 and 12 and again between Turns 14 and 17.

"I don't think we've gone over the top with DRS and we don't intend to," Whiting said.