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MAY 20, 2011

FIA investigates Ferrari rear wing

A new rear wing introduced by Ferrari in Spain is having its legality investigated by the FIA ahead of qualifying in Barcelona.

FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting said on Friday night: "We are aware of the developments on the Ferrari rear wing and are currently discussing it with them. It's a very clever interpretation of the rules and we have to decide whether we think it's a good interpretation."

The governing body will have to rule on whether or not Ferrari's wing infringes article 3.10.3 of the rules, dealing with slot gap separators.

Whiting explained: "The devices which are normally just vertical, typically two of them on each wing, keep the distance between the profiles constant and the fact that these separators have to totally encircle the profiles also ensures that the profiles remain the same - we had some issues with changing profiles a few years ago. These separators can't be more than 200mm apart and Ferrari's is an alternative interpretation of that rule that we are currently discussing."