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MAY 20, 2011

An easy decision for Alonso

Fernando Alonso says that he can't imagine 'a better place to be a racing driver' as he commits to Ferrari for the next five years, to the end of 2016.

Alonso, who won two world championships with Renault in 2005-6 and narrowly missed out on a third title with McLaren in 2007 and Ferrari last year, added: "I think it is the best team possible to fight for the world championship. Others are more up and down but in a poor Ferrari year you finish second or third in the championship. The opportunity came last year and we only missed it by just four points."

Alonso's previous Ferrari contract ran to the end of 2012 and those with a political appreciation also point out that it makes sense for Ferrari to secure the services of one of F1's star drivers beyond 2013, when a new Concorde Agreement is due and there has already been talk of F1 buy-ins, takeovers and splits, some of it emanating from Maranello itself.

"It's good news for me and my career to extend to 2016 and, as I said last year, it's my intention to finish my career at Ferrari. I've felt at home since day one and seven years at Ferrari would be a privilege. Then, maybe another contract if Ferrari is still happy with me and I am not too old!

"To be honest it's not really a big change though because I was clear in my mind that I would race for Ferrari for a long time. This is just a public confirmation."