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MAY 11, 2011

Kubica recovery progressing well

Robert Kubica has made a step forward with his recovery after having a small operation on damaged wrist tendons.

The Pole was visited by Renault team boss Eric Boullier after the Turkish GP. "Robert has made another step forward in his rehabilitation process and doctors are pleasantly surprised by the way in which his condition is improving," Boullier said.

"It's now a matter of time and even if patience isn't Robert's first quality, he is fully aware that rehabilitation could be quite a long process. We spoke about the latest developments of the car and team and he was also interested to hear more on the details of the R31, tyres and strategies.

"Three months after Robert's accident, doctors now consider the first phase of his recovery over. Thanks to his strength and to a highly-attentive medical plan, the delicate period was overcome positively and without any complications.

"With the progress of his recovery, we are now entering the second phase, which is heavy rehabilitation aimed to restore functionality. More small operations are planned to remove the unavoidable adhesions that are affecting the functionality of his forearm and elbow muscles. This is considered routine practice."

Renault added that Kubica is in touch with team engineers and kept informed of decisions being taken at tracks.