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FEBRUARY 16, 2011

Pirelli announce tyre compounds

F1's new tyre supplier Pirelli has announced the compounds that it will use in the first four races of the season.

Over the fall and winter Pirelli has conducted more than 18,000 km of testing in Europe and the Middle East, and has decided on the hard tyre as the prime tyre and the soft tyre will be the option tyre, based on the first four tracks which have high grip and a variety of different speed corners - with the aim of having two pit stops per race, and livening up the show.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said, "The valuable data that we've collected from both official and private testing has shown us that our nomination of hard and soft tyres is the best way forward for both the drivers and the spectators, so we look forward now to a successful Grand Prix debut and a great show in the Middle and Far East over the next four races. We've enjoyed great collaboration with the teams so far, and with the nominated compounds for the next four races now known, I am sure that this will help to focus their development for the start of the season."