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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010

Ecclestone unsure about Korea

There is much uncertainty surrounding the highly anticipated Korean Grand Prix, which is scheduled to take place on October 24. Organizers of the race still seem confident that the event will take place as planned, though it seems in doubt. At issue is the fact that the track failed a previous inspection, which was supposed to have been passed 90-days prior to the race. Work is currently underway, and a follow-up inspection is scheduled immediately after the Japanese GP, on October 10.

Bernie Ecclestone seems hopeful, but said to the BBC, "Well, it's not good. It should have been inspected maybe six weeks ago, which it was inspected but it wasn't passed. We normally have a 90-day check before a race and now we are sort of putting this off."

"It's quite dangerous what we've done actually, but I mean it's a case of 'do we cancel the race or not?' They say it is all going to be okay, so we hope they are right."

Many hope that the inaugural Korean GP is able to take place, as it introduces Formula 1 to a new, untapped, market, and helps to give the series an ever-increasing Global presence.