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JULY 25, 2010

Ferrari bosses called in front of stewards

Following the controversial finish of the German Grand Prix, Ferrari's team bosses have been summoned to see the race stewards.

Fernando Alonso won the race after his team mate Felipe Massa let him pass after Massa's race engineer Rob Smedley told his driver, "Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?"

Team orders are banned in the sport, but Ferrari argues that the drivers are part of a team, and that Massa made his own decision to let Alonso past him, as the Spaniard is in a better position to challenge for the world championship.

Later on Ferrari drivers Massa and Alonso were also called in front of the stewards, as well as Smedley and Ferrari Sporting Director Massimo Rivola.

In the post race press conference Massa insisted that he made the decision to let Alonso past as his car was slower than Alonso's on the harder tyres at that point in the race.