Webber: I'm good to go

Mark Webber says he is fully fit and ready to go after his horrific airborne exit from the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

"It's definitely an unusual situation when you go up into the sky," Webber said. "For sure I was concerned and worried about bridges. Then there was crash but I've come back from others. We have those things and also mechanical failures - it's part of the business and the profession. I'm not worried about my capability in the car going forward.

Webber will drive a different Red Bull chassis at Silverstone, having damaged his Barcelona and Monaco-winning car in the accident. When that chassis is repaired it will probably fulfil the role of team spare, while Webber continues in the repaired chassis that Sebastian Vettel drove and was not entirely happy with post-Monaco.

Wearing his driver safety hat, Webber confirmed that there are some concerns about high as drivers prepare to take to the new Silverstone layout for the first time.

"At Becketts and some other faster corners there are larger section kerbs behind the main kerbing. We're not a fan of that and don't feel it's necessary. The kerbs are used at some other places basically to keep us inside the circuit but to have them in fifth and sixth gear corners is not necessary.

"Montoya had a suspension failure one year and you can aquaplane in bad weather, so we don't need to add large bumps that can have a car projected up. You could be at head height for a car that's at the apex and, thinking of the motorbike guys, I doubt they'd be too keen to roll over them either..."

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