Sell out at the Canadian GP

There’s no doubt the Canadian Grand Prix is an important event for the city of Montreal. Always a great success with F1 personnel, the Canadian Grand Prix is also a commercial venture that brings dividends to the city and the organisers. Even before the cars turned a wheel on Friday, the organisers announced that the event is sold out, and they have now started selling tickets for the 2011 event.

In a moment of worldwide economic struggles, the fact that the 90,000 tickets have been sold is a testament to the popularity of the sport in the country. And it’s not just the Grand Prix organisers that are delighted with the return of the race: most hotels in the greater Montreal area are completely full for the weekend and the city has organised a music festival that will last 72 hours, from Thursday night through Sunday night in the city centre.

Being such a commercial and popular success the Canadian Grand Prix is certain to remain and the calendar, but is expected to become a back-to-back race with the US Grand Prix, once the Austin track becomes part of the calendar, in 2012.

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