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MAY 25, 2010

US GP Is go: In Texas!

F1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has concluded a 10-year deal for the US Grand Prix to return to the F1 calendar from 2012, at a new purpose-built venue in Austin, Texas.

After recent speculation about races in New Jersey and then at the Monticello facility in upstate New York, Ecclestone surprised everyone with the Texas announcement on Tuesday evening. He said: "For the first time in the history of Formula 1 in the United States, a world-class facility will be purpose-built to host the event. It was thirty years ago that the United States Grand Prix was last held on a purpose-built permanent road course circuit in Watkins Glen, which enjoyed great success.

"Since then, F1 has been hosted by Long Beach, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas and Phoenix, all on temporary street circuits. Indianapolis joined the ranks of host cities in 2000 when they added a road course inside the famed oval. This however, will be the first time a facility is constructed from the ground up specifically for F1 in the US."

Ecclestone has done the deal with Full Throttle Productions, whose managing director Tavo Hellmund commented: "This is a case of the right timing in the right place. As many Americans know, Austin has earned a reputation as one of the 'it' cities in the United States.

"We are extremely honoured and proud to reach an agreement with the F1 commercial rights holder. We have been diligently working together for several years to bring this great event to Austin, the State of Texas and back to the United States. All parties involved have a great amount of trust and confidence in each other and are committed to establishing the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas as a prestigious global event."