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MAY 24, 2010

Hamilton Faces Australian Charge

Lewis Hamilton is to be charged over his 'hooning' episode at the Australian Grand Prix in March.

The 2008 world champion left Albert Park in an over-exuberant manner in his Mercedes C63 AMG in the lead-up to the Melbourne Grand Prix and fell foul of the Australian police, who pulled him up just outside the Albert Park boundary. Hamilton had accelerated around some cars waiting to leave ahead of him, drawing attention to himself by kicking our the rear of the car and screeching his tyres.

The British driver issued a statement at the time apologising for his behaviour but was delayed several hours after his car was impounded. The incident sparked more controversy when Mark Webber attracted criticism for labelling Victoria 'a nanny state.' Webber subsequently offered to take part in a proper road safety campaign.

Hamilton is to be charged with intentionally losing control of a motor vehicle with a Melbourne court date set for August 24. Although this is amid F1's summer break, it is the Tuesday of the Belgian GP week and it is likely that any plea lodged by Hamilton's lawyers will be made in his absence.