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APRIL 2, 2010

Don't look back in danger

Wing mirrors will have to be mounted on the side of Formula 1 cars' cockpits in time for next month's Spanish Grand Prix following a crackdown from the FIA.

Many drivers complained about visibility during the Australian Grand Prix weekend - particularly the cars with the 'outboard' mirrors which suffered major vibrations.

Red Bull, Ferrari, Sauber, Williams, Force India and Hiapania will all be forced to change their designs, resulting in a slight performance deficit. However they will not have to remove the bargeboards that hold the mirrors in place, due to a loophole in the regulations.

The remaining teams, including McLaren and Mercedes, already have their wing mirrors mounted on the side of their cockpits.

Teams had originally been given until the Chinese Grand Prix in a fortnight but they complained that didn't give them enough time to act, particularly on the current 'flyaway' leg of the season.

Looking further ahead, teams are meeting in Malaysia to discuss how to improve the show. Measures under discussion for 2011 include increasing the width of the rear tyres to improve mechanical grip, returning to the classic look of F1 cars of the Eighties. A return of the controversial Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), outlawed this year, is also on the agenda.