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MARCH 26, 2010

Hamilton booked by police for "improper use of a vehicle"

After posting the fastest time Friday afternoon during practice for the Australian Grand Prix, 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was booked by the police for spinning his wheels in a street car.

While driving on the street at 9:15pm, close to the Albert Park circuit, Hamilton was spotted by the police deliberately losing traction in his 2010 Mercedes C63. Melbourne police booked him under what are know as "anti-hoon" laws, in which - often young - motorists spin their wheels, fishtail or perform doughnuts on public roads.

The police impounded his car, and he was then driven back to his hotel.

McLaren later issued a release in which Hamilton commented: "This evening, I was driving in an over-exuberant manner and, as a result, was stopped by the police. What I did was silly, and I want to apologise for it."