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JANUARY 29, 2010

Hamilton Sr to launch F1 testing academy

Anthony Hamilton, father of world champion Lewis, is planning to launch a programme called GP Prep Drivers Academy to help young drivers to get testing experience in current F1 machinery.

Hamilton is planning to lease a fleet of 2009-spec Formula 1 cars, along with equipment and personnel, and run them independently in order to get around the current testing ban which doesn't allow young drivers to get testing experience.

Hamilton says he has agreed with McLaren for the supply of two cars, and is in negotiations with other teams as well, and the programme is expected to be launched in March.

Anthony Hamilton said, "If you look at our sport, drivers are very lucky to make F1, because there's no career path structure for it. There are guys who don't get a look in. The idea with GP Prep is to provide more of an opportunity for young drivers to be spotted."