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JANUARY 5, 2010

Flavio Briatore statement

Flavio Briatore issued the following statement in a reaction to the French Court's decision on his case against the FIA:

"I would like to express my great joy with the decision handed down by the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance (Regional Court)."

"I believe it important for FIA to play the active role it deserves in automobile competition. As a sports person and one passionately involved in car racing for more than 20 years, the decision to apply to the civil courts to contest a decision of the FIA was a difficult one for me to take."

"The fact that the World Automobile Sport Council had been utilized to deal with a personal agenda aimed at pushing me out of the world of competition left me no other choice."

"The decision handed down today restores to me the dignity and freedom that certain people had arbitrarily attempted to deprive me of."

"The Court recognized that all the criticisms I had formulated against the decision of the World Council were founded, by finding that the FIA had:"

"- rendered a decision that it was not competent to pronounce"

"- infringed its own articles of association"

"- totally failed to respect my right to a fair defense"

"- finally, entrusted the tasks of investigation, prosecution and judgment to a principle player known by all to be hostile to me."

"I believe that justice has been done today."

"Q. When will you be returning to Formula 1?"

"Let me take a little time to enjoy this moment of happiness after this difficult period. As concerns my possible return to F1, there is plenty of time to talk about this. I would like first of all to thank the people who remained faithful to me during these difficult moments and who showed me their trust and friendship."