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NOVEMBER 10, 2009

Virgin's F1 plans

Everyone in F1 circles knows that Virgin is planning to launch its own Virgin F1 operation in 2010, based on the entry being created at the moment by Manor. Virgin people have been kicking around the paddock for months and seem to be surprised that people have spotted them and figured out what is happening.

It has been clear from very early in the season that Virgin's opportunistic deal with Brawn GP was not going to continue as the numbers being offered by Virgin did not add up for 2010.

As Brawn had funding this year from Honda, the Virgin deal - as with other one-offs later in the year - were really icing on the cake. Brawn is not ready to confirm it yet, but Mercedes-Benz (or an affiliate) is going to buy into the team and will bring its own sponsorships, which are believed to include Mobil.