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Vatanen announces VP choices

FIA presidential candidate Ari Vatanen has revealed the names of the seven candidates he is putting forward for the roles of FIA Vice President. These positions should not be confused with the two Deputy Presidents already nominated.

Vatanen's choices are not well known in the motorsport world and include Ivan Dibos from Peru, Mike Harris from Australia, Earl Jarrett from Jamaica, Niklaus Lundsgaard-Hansen from Switzerland, Peter Meyer from Germany, Tim Shearman from Canada and Maria Spetz from Sweden.

"This is a first-class team and all its members came on board spontaneously because they all want to make a change together with me", says Vatanen. "We have people from all regions, north and south, east and west, bigger and smaller clubs, so the team is well-balanced."

The choice is significant in that it is the first time a woman has been nominated for the role.

Jean Todt has yet to nominate his choices for Vice President.