Donington Park looks ahead

It is now the beginning of September. The British Grand Prix in 2010 will - in theory at least - take place on July 11. This means that there are 10 months before everything needs to be ready. When the project was first revealed it was said that the construction work would take between nine and 10 months. In other words, now is the time that Donington Park needs to start work if it wants the project to be taken seriously. Donington chief executive Simon Gillett was in Spa at the weekend to tell Bernie Ecclestone that the funding for the project is in place and that the construction giant McAlpine is moving in to start work. The key work is the new pit complex and this will be followed by the clubhouse being planned.

Thus far the circuit has completed some terracing work and a tunnel.

It is reported that Bernie Ecclestone had given Gillett a deadline of mid-September to get things sorted out.

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