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AUGUST 29, 2009

FOTA bosses to meet Ari Vatanen

The Formula One Teams' Association will meet with Ari Vatanen this afternoon in Spa, to see what is planning for Formula 1 in the long term. A similar meeting is planned for Jean Todt in Singapore.

Todt has today issued a bunch more quotes from FIA politicians praising him and giving the impression that they will vote for him at the forthcoming election. The intention of this is clearly to give the impression to uninformed clubs that Todt is an unbeatable candidate. Having said that, in FIA circles a statement of support does not translate into a guaranteed vote, as previous FIA President Jean Marie Balestre discovered back in the early 1990s when he was convinced he had enough support to win against Max Mosley and went home disappointed when some of his "supporters" voted for Mosley instead.