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AUGUST 21, 2009

Vatanen and Todt put forward ideas

Ari Vatanen has told the presidents of the FIA clubs that the organisation needs more transparency.

"In order to achieve this, we must ensure that the entire justice system of the FIA is above any doubts regarding its independence," he said. "To be more effective in our government of the sport, we will actively seek for ways to make the organisational structure leaner and establish a more hands-on approach where possible. For myself, in case the member clubs chose to elect me as the FIA president, I envisage a role of direct and active involvement and a presence in the FIA's flagship championships wherever necessary and desired."

"It is time for the FIA to better serve the clubs. The FIA cannot have a life of its own; it has to be the office of services to its owners - the member clubs. In a rapidly changing world we cannot afford to continue with 'business as usual'."

Vatanen says that he will appoint a small working group of "respected FIA leaders" to review the structure and operations of the federation.

"The group will recommend the changes required to ensure the long term viability of the federation and its clubs. My goal is to give the clubs a much stronger voice in the decisions we make at the FIA.

"It is time for us to listen to the clubs. In particular, we will return to a presidential electoral process without the requirement to provide long lists of candidates. The leadership should stay in power only thanks to the trust of its members. This is the only proposal we have made regarding the electoral procedures.

"All major organisations are subject to increased scrutiny and therefore we also have to establish a real corporate governance to deal with potential conflicts of interest and to have transparency for the member clubs. The hallmarks of my team are values, honesty and transparency."

Vatanen is also keen to push the global expansion of the FIA

"Motor sport is a passionate and pivotal part of our heritage and it continues to give us dreams," he said. "I will never forget the gleaming eyes of a small boy in Timbuktu when he watched the passing Paris - Dakar caravan. The FIA has accomplished excellent things over the past few decades, notably in safety. While we redouble our efforts to render F1, rallying and other championships more attractive, we must pay special attention to the countries where the sport is still in its early stages."

Todt meanwhile has been going into more detail about a review of the FIA Statutes saying that he will establish a special Statutes Review Commission jointly by the two FIA Deputy Presidents to prepare a report with proposed amendments, this review would include the presidential election process, the role of the vice presidents (separate from the deputy presidents), the role of the Senate, the regional structures, the way disputes are resolved and the governance systems.