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JUNE 5, 2009

Fixing problems at Donington Park

Wheatcroft and Son, the owners of Donington Park, and Donington Ventures Leisure Limited, which leases the track, have reached an agreement which they hope will secure the future of East Midlands™ parkland circuit Donington Park. The deal came about after Wheatcroft & Son launched a legal action, claiming $4m in rent arrears and the forfeiture of the lease. The parties have also reached agreement on the terms of the planning agreement required for planning permission to be issued.

"These positive developments, combined with the ongoing encouragement from Formula 1 rights holder Bernie Ecclestone, demonstrates that DVLL is committed to pushing forward with its 2009 racing plans and 2010 Formula 1 preparations," the circuit said in a statement.

"We were always aware that saving the future of the British Grand Prix was an enormous task," said Simon Gillette of Donington Ventures, "but it is one that we are fully committed to and will make happen. So far, all of our efforts have been achieved in the face of adversity and it™s reassuring to know that the Wheatcroft family shares our vision and passion for British motorsport."

The terms of the deal have not been made public.