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APRIL 27, 2009

iSport ready to jump to F1

Germany's is reporting that GP2 team owner Paul Jackson is planning to bring his iSport team into Formula 1 if there is a budget cap in 2010.

"I aim to give a few people in F1 a kick up the backside and to show them that they are chucking money out of the window for nothing," he is quoted as saying. "The existing teams aren™t structured to operate within a 30-million budget, so it would probably be better to start with a blank sheet. We™re accustomed to doing a great job on limited resources. It should be the desire for success that brings people into Formula 1; if it™s big money you™re after, then you should be looking somewhere else.

Jackson says he would like to use his former GP2 driver Bruno Senna.

"That would be fantastic," he said. "I™m convinced that he belongs in Formula 1."