Racing in Montreal in November

Stories have been circulating on the Internet suggesting that the Abu Dhabi circuit may not be ready in time for the planned GP in November. These have been denied by the organisers. Abu Dhabi is one of the richest countries in the world and while its neighbour Dubai has been suffering from the recession, Abu Dhabi seems to be going strong. Tickets for the race have now gone on sale and all seems to be well.

The idea that the race would be replaced by Montreal were never very believeable. The average temperature in the city in November is around 5-deg C and it is regularly below freezing. It rains a great deal and snow is not unusual. It is not the time of year to expect a large crowd to go out onto the windy island in the St Lawrence River and sit in a grandstand for several hours. Without a crowd the race would be a disaster. It could not make ends meet in June when the weather is good and it would be financial suicide to try to hold the race in November.

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