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MARCH 29, 2009

Hamilton is third - Vettel pays for his honesty

Lewis Hamilton has been declared the third placed finisher in the Australian GP. The British driver was given the position when Jarno Trulli was given a 25-sec penalty for passing another car behind the Safety Car. The Toyota driver went off at the same time as the Safety Car boards were being shown. Lewis Hamilton had no choice but to pass him. Trulli rejoined and felt that he should have the place back and so repassed the McLaren behind the Safety Car. As a result he loses his third place.

Sebastian Vettel was also in trouble for the incident with Robert Kubica, although most people felt this odd because it looked like the Poles mistake. The FIA said that the decision was made because Vettel had admitted that he was in trouble but wanted to hold his position. Kubica was a little impetuous but the stewards felt that Vettel was to blame. As a result of his honesty he will get a 10-place grid penalty in Malaysia. He and the Red Bull team were also given a $50,000 fine for continuing to drive with three wheels. Vettel was ordered to keep going by the team.