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FEBRUARY 22, 2009

A new Jarama?

The Real Automovil Club de Espana (RACE) built the Jarama racing circuit near Madrid back in the mid-1960s in order to compete with Barcelona's Montjuic Park. The two tracks shared the Spanish GP for several years but then the race moved permanently to Jarama between 1976 and 1981, after which it disappeared. The RACE seemed to lose interest in F1 after that and the event was revived in Jerez in 1986 and moved to Barcelona in 1991, where it has remained ever since. RACE is now making noises of building a replacement for the old circuit in the same area, not far from Madrid's Barajas international airport. The goal is for the new circuit to be used for testing, although there is little doubt that eventually it would bid for the Spanish Grand Prix.

RACE has now presented a feasibility study to the regional government, which would see the track on land in the San Sebastian de los Reyes municipal area. This would not be affected by noise concerns because of the proximity of the airport.

There has been talk of a new circuit in Madrid for some years but for many years RACE seemed more interested in the development of its own sports complex in the Jarama area, including two golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, horse riding facilities, a soccer field and a basketball field.