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JANUARY 13, 2009

A Honda-Mercedes-Benz?

As we suggested last week, it is quite likely that the Honda team will use Mercedes-Benz engines in 2009. The team will be renamed but at the moment there is no word on what it will be called. Ferrari has all-but announced that it will not be supplying engines for the team, which would seem to suggest that the team has a limited number of options, but we believe that negotiations are well-advanced with Mercedes-Benz.

The team will not be getting much in the way of pre-season testing (if any) and so it is going to be starting a little behind the opposition but much effort has gone into the 2009 programme and so the team hopes to be relatively competitive.

The discussions over who will own the team are ongoing but a decision is expected within a few days. We believe there will be a management buyout.